Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WebeServe a solution for Website promoters

Some days back I came across one wonderful web portal named webeserve, I am working on SEO and also learning traffic generation methods to increase traffic on my clients' websites. So I was searching for various methods and I found webeserve. I gone through the web application and realized that it can be a total solution for Website promoters. This innovative web portal is a combination of freelancer service and search engine optimizations techniques.

Once you have a good website and good products then next step is traffic generation and search engine optimization is one of the major reasons for traffic generation. Now to generate traffic and SEO are the big things for any online business, one may have fantastic website and products but without quality traffic it makes absolutely no sense. So in such cases what normally companies do is to hire one company or one person only for SEO. Now SEO never happens over night by one person but if many people across the world do work related for SEO for that particular online business then very soon quality traffic generation can become reality.

To be successful in online business one should go for WebeServe.com, this is very well designed web portal for Search Engine Optimization. It has win-win approach for both advertisers and freelancers. Advertisers are people who want to implement SEO for their online business. Such advertisers create SEO campaigns, each such campaign is consists of many small-small tasks. Freelancers are people across the internet that provide service to these advertisers, they finishes each small task and help advertiser to finish SEO campaign. Here main advantage for advertisers is from various locations of world their online business get reference, which means many people from various locations make an attempt to generate traffic. Also advertisers’ money is paid only to freelancers who finish tasks. For freelancers who finish task get paid. This model ensures the amount paid is worth the work done for advertisers and freelancers get paid for every service they provide. User Interface of webeserve is very user friendly and easy to understand

This is the unique web portal I find who actually helps both advertisers and freelancers. Big advantages here advertisers are aware about the campaigns and they can decides the campaigns. Freelancers are able to choose the kind of work they want to do and take responsibility to finish it in time, if freelancers fails then they don’t get any payment. Pay-per-service is the name of program webeserve follows, as name indicates freelancers are paid only for the service they provide.

Check out by yourself.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Be Intelligent, Brave and Wealthy

Let us be intelligent, brave and wealthy for making our life successful. Let us not be slanderers, deceitful, back-biters and disrespectful. Let us not be deprived of intelligence, so that we can remain happy throughout life and continue worshipping God.

Message: Every man wants to be happy. For that he makes various plans and develops the means for that with his intelligence and capacity. Along with that, the undisputed fact remains that he is not liberated from sorrow. There are such a large number of reasons for causing sorrow that some kind of sorrow will overtake the man, howsoever much careful he may be. Even the highly knowledgeable and wealthy people cannot save themselves from it. In reality there are very many means of comfort in the world, but even men surrounded with such means too remain unhappy. In such a situation, when man is not able to save himself, he should desire that he be mentally prepared to welcome sorrow or unhappiness. In this way he will not be influenced by the intensity of sorrow.

The meaningfulness of our worth and insight is in our becoming calm, serious and brave and overcoming every type of trouble smilingly. We should always remember that when the days of happiness no longer exist, then these unhappy days will also be over quickly. A negative attitude towards life also makes a person unhappy. One must always try to save oneself from it. If a person always goes on thinking about a situation of shortages in life, then also he will

be troubled by unhappiness. He should think that whatever he has received, or whatever he is receiving is because of the endless benevolence of God and is for his happiness only. Most of the sorrows are created by man himself through his ignorance, perverse nature, deceit and selfishness. He Himself has invited his own destruction. This itself is the reason for his pitiable condition. First the man creates such an atmosphere by his bad tendencies and vices that difficulties surround him from all sides. In such a situation his discretion and patience get destroyed and he is not able to find a way out of these troubles. He finds unbearable the advice given to him by others. This type of mental distortion does the work of increasing his sorrow even more.

To be liberated from sorrows, man has to help himself. The consolation from others does not give any particular benefit. All the sorrows of man get destroyed by remaining happy according to the direction given in the holy Gita. If the person can cultivate a habit of laughing and smiling, then his mind becomes steady very quickly and in that way, he can definitely increase his happiness.

‘Sukh dukh ya sansar mein,sub kahu ko hoy,

gyani kaate gyan se, murkh kaate roy’.

This hindi saying means, ‘everyone in this world gets troubles, but the wise person cuts them away with knowledge, but the foolish whiles away his time in crying’. This is the only measure of the meaningfulness of our knowledge.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Effective Training ???

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sell your self first

The first thing in business is, you have to sell yourself. And people should trust you. They should feel who ever you are, wherever you are from, you really means what you say. You are sincere and you really will deliver the goods. If you have sold yourself, you will sell the product.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Passion and Entrepreneurship

Friday, February 12, 2010

Goal but No End Result In Mind

You can't enter into entrepreneurship with an "End Result" in mind alone. You have to enjoy the journey, every step of the way. As they say "Always expect the unexpected and then make the best of whatever comes into way"... And no one is sure about what the next round may hold.

Company's future no doubt depends on the moves that management makes in response to any critical situation. The purpose of keeping Goal is to make moves that will respond to many changes in a way that positively affects the performance of the company. Management must set a goal and then decide the strategy to reach the goal, developing or designing strategy is like playing a game, keeping only goal in mind will not lead anywhere.

Most of the time goal of the management is to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, and based on this goal (or any goal depending on the company to company). Such moves are based on an understanding of the opportunities and threats, strength and weaknesses that exists internally as well as externally. If management keeps end result in mind then its very hard to mold the strategy as per the requirement, there won't be any flexibility in the work environment, which is against the goal.

When management keeps Goal in mind then their moves help businesses compete with the cost and quality of the goods and services they offer. Understanding of external and internal environment helps management to decide the moves for achieving goal. To make winning moves, managers must find profitable patterns and business models that meet customer demands. If we see here, customer demand is most of the time subject to market conditions, so keeping end result in mind will lead management in wrong direction. E,g, Goal of the management can be increasing market capital by 10% but keeping exact end result in mind and then deciding the moves alone can lead the company in totally different direction. 
Management strategies are like the chess, in that the goal may be CHECKMATE but achieving it totally depends on opponent's moves. Same is the case with business, no one can tell when there will be a need to fix the strategy on the spot. Skills and experience are required to understand the need to mold the strategy to get work in certain way, this totally depends on an individual, kind of business he/she is in and market condition.
In short keep the Goal in Mind and keep changing the rule to achieve the end result, which can be totally different than thought of  in the start. On every moment keep on changing the moves along with the vision of where to go next....

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Be Visible As A Leader

As Peter Drucker said "Leadership is doing the right things", leadership also includes enabling others  to do right things. As a team each individual should be able to know, understand thinking of the leader and for that leader has to be visible to the team, to the organization.

It is critical to be visible, as a leader, team needs to see the leader, hear from him/her and mainly understand the thought process. Once leader is approachable team members are very comfortable in working with a team. There has to be transparency in leader's communication and action. The best way to keep 100% open door policy in office, this creates the sense of belonging in employees and management. In tough environment people misinterpret closed doors as a discussion of bad news. Employees also get wrong impressions about the behaviour of management. In tough times leaders might have to take some very tough decisions like asking employees to leave, whom once the leader had chosen and groomed to make efficient. In such times communication by leader to each individual is also important.

Being visible in big organizations is very hard for the top level management, flat structure is not always suitable, in such cases top level leaders should make a point that they will meet up their employees and convey the progress, message, if any upcoming projects etc.

Along with employees, leaders should also be visible to customers; customers should feel that in good as well as bad time leaders & organization as whole thinks about them. When customer get such kind of treatment from junior level employee as well as top level management then in down turn also company is able to survive.

Communication is very critical for a leader, and transparency in communication should be standard practice in organization.   

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