Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WebeServe a solution for Website promoters

Some days back I came across one wonderful web portal named webeserve, I am working on SEO and also learning traffic generation methods to increase traffic on my clients' websites. So I was searching for various methods and I found webeserve. I gone through the web application and realized that it can be a total solution for Website promoters. This innovative web portal is a combination of freelancer service and search engine optimizations techniques.

Once you have a good website and good products then next step is traffic generation and search engine optimization is one of the major reasons for traffic generation. Now to generate traffic and SEO are the big things for any online business, one may have fantastic website and products but without quality traffic it makes absolutely no sense. So in such cases what normally companies do is to hire one company or one person only for SEO. Now SEO never happens over night by one person but if many people across the world do work related for SEO for that particular online business then very soon quality traffic generation can become reality.

To be successful in online business one should go for WebeServe.com, this is very well designed web portal for Search Engine Optimization. It has win-win approach for both advertisers and freelancers. Advertisers are people who want to implement SEO for their online business. Such advertisers create SEO campaigns, each such campaign is consists of many small-small tasks. Freelancers are people across the internet that provide service to these advertisers, they finishes each small task and help advertiser to finish SEO campaign. Here main advantage for advertisers is from various locations of world their online business get reference, which means many people from various locations make an attempt to generate traffic. Also advertisers’ money is paid only to freelancers who finish tasks. For freelancers who finish task get paid. This model ensures the amount paid is worth the work done for advertisers and freelancers get paid for every service they provide. User Interface of webeserve is very user friendly and easy to understand

This is the unique web portal I find who actually helps both advertisers and freelancers. Big advantages here advertisers are aware about the campaigns and they can decides the campaigns. Freelancers are able to choose the kind of work they want to do and take responsibility to finish it in time, if freelancers fails then they don’t get any payment. Pay-per-service is the name of program webeserve follows, as name indicates freelancers are paid only for the service they provide.

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